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After a gatherer comes a scatterer
A hard gathering gets a quick scattering
Ráinín - a very small person
wearing a snout a yard long - with displeasure
Gob on you
When you get an inch you take a square yard

When you get an inch you take a bandle (bannlámh) (?)

Gribby - applied to a person who has lost his front teeth

As thick as a double dith - one who is easily vexed
As happy as the corpse that rain falls on
Bunk - a bed

Leave your head where you will get it in the morning

Did you sleep in your hair - said to an early riser

When it is misty in the morning people say
"It is misty wet for dry"

A Scutty wran (wren)

If you ask a person on a dark night where he was going he would answer:-
"I am going to the dark wood for a cart load of daylight"

You are like a thing the cat brought in of a wet night