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Jane O'Connell,
Ceannsnus Mor,
Co Meath
Local Cures
In this locality there are many people who have cures for many kinds of ailments. Long ago when the doctors of the land didn't know very much many cures were performed by ordinary people who got their cures as a gift from God.
Mrs Clarke who lives in Kilbeg has the cure for a whittle or any sore on the hand. Some people around this locality say that the clay from over a priest's grave will cure the toothach by putting in on the tooth. It is also locally believed that to put a live frog into your mouth will cure the toothach. There is a well in Gravelstown called the Holy Well and it possess a cure of vomitting. A disease which very many young children take is thrush and it can be cured by a posthumous child. Mrs Morris Staholmog has the cure of a wart by mixing hurbs and clary together. Another cure for the warts is to get a snail by accident and rub him to the wart. Then