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Bread was used largely for food long ago in these parts. The commonest kind of bread used was Oaten bread. It was made by mixing oat meal with water and a little salt and cooked by standing it before the fire against a sod of turf or on a griddle. It was eaten with butter.
Boxty was made from wet potatoes grated and mixed with flour. It was tolled flat with a bottle and baked on a pan. Indian Meal was made into bread and baked on a pan.
Potatoes were made into cakes also. Potato cakes were eaten hot, spread with butter. A potato cake was always eaten with eggs on Easter Sunday.
Pancakes were made by mixing flour to a batter with milk or buttermilk or goats' milk. They were always made for Shrove Tuesday which is still known as "pancake night." The first milk after a cow calves is known as beastings. This was often cooked until it became curd and then baked on a frying pan. Rye bread was also used. It was quite black in colour and very hard.