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scraws. These were large surface sods cut on the bog. The windows were small and consisted of a single pane of glass.
Light was supplied by rush or tallow candles. Tallow candles were made of a grease called tallow. For rush lights a bundle of rushes was pulled and peeled leaving a piece of the skin on one side. These were dipped in oil and burned in a special candlestick. This had a kind of pincers at the top to hold the rush light fast. One of these cadlesticks can be seen at the house of Mr T Goven Donore.
Light was also obtained from splinters of bog deal bound round a rag dipped in oil.

Furniture of olden times
Settle bed
The old houses had each a settle bed in the kitchen. During the day stools not in use were placed on it, and at the nightly Céilidh it was a seat and at night it served as a bed.