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King Amarocar built a ship and in this ship his daughter sits and I am not ashamed to say her name and that is three times I have told you?
As round as an apple as plump as a ball, can climb through the church over steeple and all?
The Sun.
What is it that walks with its head down?
A nail in your boot.
What is in an empty cart?
Plenty of room.
First it was green, then it was red, and then black?
A Blackberry.
Which part of the fish weighs the most?
The scales.
The longer it sits the shorter its gets?
A Candle.
Why is Ireland like a bottle?
Because there is a Cork in it.
Headed like timble, Tailed like a rat you may guess for ever but you couldn't guess that?
A Pipe.
If a man got a shilling for walking one mile what would he get for walking fifty miles?
Sore feet.
Put on the table and never cut?
A Deck of cards.