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There is a stable beside our hose which was a school at on time. The Teacher taught more Irish than English to the children and he would write on a slate with a stone pencil; This school was in the year 1720. There was another local schoolhouse in Reaghstown it is now a farmer's house. The Teacher came from Lishrinny. The children were taught their letters and Writhing and Arithmetic on slates with stone pencils and the older girls were taught needle work and knitting in the evening; Her name was Miss Filgate; The house is now occupied by Christopher Keegan;
There was another Old Hedge School near Arthurstown it was a wayside shed and the Teacher came from Dromin; His name was Mr Butterly and he taught the children how to speak Irish and a lot of Geometry they would write on slates with stone pencils, he was lodged in the farmers house and was paid by the children a penny or two a day. The farmers could afford to give a little more,