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This story is told about Barney by James Marron who was gardener in the mansion.
Telford head so many stories about Barney that he wished to get him out of sight. He made up his mind to send Marney to America and he sent a message for our poor friend, saying he wanted to see him. Barney arrived before the door of the mansion and walked up and down. The owner looked on wishing for Barney to speak, but in the end he said "McGeown what do you want". He answered back "I want nothing but what do you want Telford. You sent for me and I did not send for you".
Telford then made known his wishes to Barney. But our friend like a true son of the soil said "No. But watch yourself Telford I saw your bits of sticks of furniture out before the door and I may see them so again (He was referring to the sale of Sir John's (Telford's father) goods when he became bankrupt.
Strange to say this sale did not take place after Telford's death and his mansion his now a convent of the Francescan nuns.