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a BOITHRÍN - a road
a BÁINÍN - a white waistcoat
a PUISÍN - a young cat
a CEANNAISG - tie a cows leg to her head
there is a PREACAILL on him - there is a sulk on him
GÚNACH - hemp
he made a SCREOU (?) AT IT - a grab
a GAMAIL - a child
a LEANA - a child
he is a CODRÁLTÍ - he is talking foolish
a GILE - a child
he was SIOCAREACHT - he was shivering
he is ROPAIRE - he is a rogue
he was sitting on his GRUG - he was sitting on his heels
COIRÍ GOB - sitting on your heels
SÉARDÁN - noisy breathing
AG GLUGAOIL - gurgling
an old FOTHRACH - an old ruin
an ÁTH - shallow water
CEÓL - music

there was a LEISCE on him - there was a laziness on him

he is a GROUNTÁNAIGHE - he is a grumbler
a GLUGAR - a bad egg
ATUINN (?) - a bog
a TAOIBHÍN - a piece on a shoe
the TAOBHÁNS - the sticks under the rafters
a LOCHTÍN - a loft
BORTHÁRACH (?) - cabin hunting or rambling

Maurice Fitzgerald
(Par. Ballyporeen)