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The Weasel
Collected by Kitty Ryan
About forty years ago my grandfather who was then aged fifteen years was fencing around the orchard at his house in Golden Garden when he espied a weasel on top of the hedge watching him covertly. My grandfather kept on fencing and pretended not to see the little animal at first. After about ten minutes or so, the weasel crept nearer, jumped off the hedge and butted her teeth in my grandfather's leg. He struck at her with the bill-hook but could not get her to loosen her grip. Screaming with pain and fright my granfather ran in to the kitchen and the weasel still held her grip. My granfather ran in with an iron but killed the weasel. Even in her death agony the teeth were still buried in my grandfather's leg from which the blood was flowing profusely. A doctor was sent for at once