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The following have been collected by
(a) Kitty Ryan, (b) Mary Dwyer, (c) Mary Whelan, (d) Winnie Fogarty, and related by
(a) Mr. Jim Ryan, Dangan, Goldan Age 65 yrs
(b) Mr. Js. Dwyer, Dogstown, New Inn, 55 yrs
(c) Mr John Quirke, Templenoe, Cashel, 60
(d) Mrs Fogarty, Garrans, Cashel, 64
(a) Kitty Ryan
1. God is nearer than the door.
2. A person's mouth often broke his nose.
3. The best hurler is always on the fence.
4. He who marries a mountain woman marries the mountain.
5. Put a beggarman on horse-back and he iwll ride to the devil.
6. Health is better than wealth.
7. A stitch in time saves nine.
8. Deep waters run smooth.
9. Far away cows wear long horns.
10. It is difficult to put a wise head on young shoulders.
11. An excuse is nearer to a woman than her apron.