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2019-05-22 14:55
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(1) Why is an engine driver like a school master?
One minds the train and the other trains the minds.
(2) One day an old woman was crossing a field. She had a red coat on her. In the same field a goat was grazing. When he saw her what changes do you think took place?
The goat turned to butter (butt her) and the woman changed to a scarlet runner.
(3) What do you boil to make hard?
An egg.
(4) What does a kettle suffer most from?
Burns and Boils
(5) When was beef the highest?
When the cow jumped over the moon.
(6) I have a grey mare, she is of great size, the man that would buy her would want to be wise. She tips her toes and away she goes and never never looks behind her. A ship.
(7) Full of holes but still holds water.
A sponge.
(8) I have but one eye and that is without sight, yet it helps me what ever I do. I am sharp without wits, and without sense. I am bright. I am the fortune of some, and of some their delight