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Norry's account a modern "Parcels Express Van" would not convey half as many messages as this famous bucket.
From morning to night, in all seasons 'the Natural' tramped through the countryside, from farmhouse to shop, from hilltop to valley, conveying messages in his well polished "Daisy". Hours of happiness were spent in grooming her, & in gazing at his reflection on her shining surface. The bucket was left in the Church porch - most reluctantly - whilst its owner attended Mass.
At weddings, christenings & wakes the Natural appeared, accompanied by his tin friend. On three occasions (the festive ones) it served as a musical instrument. The violin & melodion were loudly accompanied by thumps on Daisy.
The neighbours - with the exception of the children - loved the poor simpleton. He had access to cabin & hall alike. He often astounded the people by quaint comments which indicated a wisdom quite unexpected in one of his type.
His aimless wanderings often led him as far as Bandon (10 miles from Ovens). He visited the