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Now a pause came. "Rest awhile Joe - we must open another barrell". "Don't be too long" said thirsty Joe "Sure I've a thirst on me I wouldn't part with for a five pound note". The crowd were wildly excited - & the in -keeper found difficulty in drawing the plug.
"At last the drink trickled slowly out - into another large measure - "Here, hold on" cried Joe - this slow service would leave any man thirsty - sure I am only a little biteen of a man, & I'll fit nice & handy into the barrell & have a good long drink in peace - Help me in boys".
The 'boys' would undoubtedly have 'helped' him in, but the proprietor thought it was time to cut off supplies. - Joe's thirst was only too well quenched, & his reputation for remaining "perfectly sober" quite destroyed.