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Mr Timothy Kiely (71yrs) Ovens Bridge, related the following humourous tale to Annie Cronin (12 ½ yrs) Knockanemore.
"When I was quite a young lad, a funny old character whom we called "Thirsty Joe" lived near Ovens Bridge. Poor Joe earned his nickname from the fact that he could consume more drink - whilst remaining perfectly sober - than any man in the parish.
Joe was left a "windfall" & of course his first call was to the local inn. The village jokers called out "Now Joe lets see you quench your long thirst in fine style". "Sure I will" replied Joe. "Mr - - - if you please, bring out two gorsoons to help you fill up fast - enough for me - I've always dreamt of this day, & sure enough me dream's come true".
So they 'filled up' for thirsty Joe, glass upon glass. Joe's thirst increased, as the crowds plaudits grew louder. "Yerra sir, fill the big measure now - the glass is too small" so they filled a quart, & then a gallon