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2019-05-23 16:49
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Oh prize of each familiar scene,
That decks that lovely vale,
Each castle robed in ivy green,
Each glen, each hill & dale.
Each meadow where I loved to roam,
With mates so dear to me,
Now exiles from their native home,
Beside the rolling Lee.
And often in those pleasant hours,
Fond memories fill me so,
Whilst gazing on these lonely towers,
Beside the waters roll.
Of days e'er came the Norman Band,
When our dear Isle was free,
And Irish Chieftains held the land,
Along the winding Lee.
And since that time it e'er has been,
The dearest hope of mine,
To see with its resplendent sheen,
The morn of freedom shine.
And hear once more in ancient halls,
Ring forth its minstrelsy
And Irish Harps hung on their walls,
Beside the rolling Lee.