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The coach Road is part of the old main road leading directly from Cork to Macroom via Ballincollig. It runs right through the parish of Ovens, bridging the river Bride at Ovens Cross Roads.
It was a famous highway in olden days & is regaining its ancient traffic reputation since the surface was improved in 1930.
Two famous coach houses were situated on the Coach road, one at Barnagore Cross & another at Srelane Cross.
A lone pine tree, growing a few hundred yards from Srelane Cross Coach house, was used in the past as a gallows for highwaymen. The tree has a sinister appearance. Now almost - devoid of branches, its gnarled trunk is covered with ivy (the black leaves of the latter must not - according to local superstition - be plucked on any account).
A very old forge, still plying a busy trade, t a tailor's shop are very ancient landmarks