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the old belief was verified - for a son was born.
Mr. Charles Conway (49 yrs) Ovens, relates that one Winters evening about 30 years ago, as he was returning home through Castleinch, he lost his way. After wandering for some time he found himself in the vicinity of the Fairy Rath. He felt rather nervous but just then, to his great relief he saw two figures approaching. They were exceptionally tall, but otherwise ordinary in appearance. He saluted them, but received no reply. They continued to advance towards him, & then, just as suddenly as hey had first appeared, they disappeared.
The district is devoid of any hiding place neither wall, bush or tree affords a shelter. Mr Conway emphasises the fact that the night was very bright.
When he reached home, his parents were not surprised on hearing his story.
His father told him that some of the neighbours had had a similar experience in the past.
A fine specimen of Rath is situated in Grange in the lands of Mr. Dennehy. The entrance is quite visible, but the rath has never been explored.