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The following, supposed to be the last composed in the district, was supplied by a lady resident in the parish, who could not supply the composers name - probably the majority of these "nonsense rhymes" were 'made up' by the youth of the parish.
"Skellig List 1894"
First cometh Maggie Mullane, and she dressed in mourning black.
Her heels are out of order from running after Jack.
Jack Kelly is the man we mean, a hero stout & bold.
Maggie's not young or handsome
But she's worth her weight in gold.
There's another lass of Maggie's class
With wrinkles on her brow.
She says to Stephen Hegarty
'Tis time you'd have me now
If we do not prosper on the Road Contract
We'll thrive alright as long as apples grow
for me upon the Chapel Road.
There's another maid just of the proper sort.
And Jack Flynn is trying hard to win her fair young heart.
But he says he cannot marry till he