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(a) "Marriage Customs".
In Ovens it is considered unlucky to marry on a Friday or Wednesday, or on any day during the month of August. The bride follows the old time custom of Munster in wearing something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.
After the ceremony, when the company assemble for bridal breakfast, the bride's mother breaks a crust of bread over her daughters head. "Hawling Homes" are always given by the bride's parents on the return from the honeymoon.
(b) Shrove Customs
Shrove Tuesday Night is always referred to as Pancake Night. Pancakes are partaken of in every home in the parish. "Skellig Lists" were composed in the parish until quite recently. The rhymes undoubtedly remained " i mbealeidh na ndaoine" for frequently in referring to local characters - of bygone days - the Skellig Lists are quoted.