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Once upon a time there lived a poor boy and one day he said he would go and seek his fourtune. He met a cat that told him he would get him a fourtune. The boy asked the cat where would get him his fourtune. The cat said he would get him a giants castle. Then the boy asked the cat how would he get it. The cat said that he would go in and ask the giant did he want rats or mice killed. The cat went in and asked him and he did. Then the cat went round the castle and killed the rats and mice and the giant was very pleased. One day when the giant was asleep the cat went in and he got the keys and opened the door. Then the cat went out for the boy. He came in and got the giants club and went into the room where the giant was asleep. The cat jumped up on the loft. The boy hit the giant on the forehead with the club. Then the giant jumped out of the bed and the boy went under it. When the giant was asleep again the boy hit him and killed him. The boy and the cat had the castle and the gold from that on.