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In our grandfather's days: the people of this locality worked at different occupations trades or crafts which enabled them to support their wives and families.
In the village of Ballymacnoly there was a nailer - Ned Connor. This man made slating nails, tongs, hammers and pot hooks which he sold to people in the district and to local shop keepers in the surrounding villages and towns.
Malachy Gannon a blacksmith made horse shoes, spades and shovels.
Patk Raftery wove wheaten straw into baskets, hampers, bee-hives and arm chairs.
Katie Courtney was a "mankie" maker.
Patk Gilleraw was a skilled house carpenter and painter.
In the next village of Ballymacnoly there lived a family of three brothers, named ODowd, who were known throughout three counties as "Master Coopers". Their dash and churn were made to order.
The Dowd Brothers frequently sold their churns at the markets of Roscommon, Castlerea, Williamstown and Tuam.
Jas Connaughhan of Shadlock made