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This division of our folk-lore study brought no stories of length or interest. The following was told by nearly all the pupils - in fact all had heard it at some time or other - A very well known character named Reid generally known as "Ball-off" was the rogue of the story and as a matter of fact he comes in to many local stories where he nearly always succeed in 'doing' some one - getting drinks etc for nothing.
The most of the houses in Ballyhale in old times had a piece of land for tillage purposes in the division to the east of the village or at the north side at "Scarrow". Perhaps on this account as ass was considered a necessity by many and as the piece of land at their disposal did not suffice to give potatoes etc & support the ass they were forced to feed the animals on "The Long farm" as the roadside was usually called or else to cut 'soil' in local graveyards &c where they were allowed to cut it.