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they were very lonely after. The daughter was married east of Pat the masters old house. There is white thorn bush still in the spot where her house was. One day the daughter's mother that lived in Pat Sheas was going west to Bunaw and she met her daughter on the top of "Leacs". The mother got a fright when she saw her and she was not able to talk to her and she could not stir in the road. But the daughter told her not to afraid and to wash and clean the children for Christmas. The daughter told her too to look at her legs that they were all torn after the briars because she had no stockings and she told her to knit a pair for her. She had no skirt and she told her to buy a skirt and shawl for her and she told her to be sure to clean the children for Christmas. Then she said "Good bye" and that she would not see her anymore. Whe the children grew up they went to America. Two years ago they came home to Ireland looking for there birthplace but they could not find it. They stayed in Kenmare so they went away again. My grandmother knew their mother well.
My grandmother told me this story.
Mary Harrington