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Dana - Bean De a tugadh uirthi an uair sin. She was believed to have a great influence over the lives of the people and was supposed to have magical powers. So great was the meas on her that they kept a special feast day every year in her honour Lá ' le Danann and to honour her still better it was kept on May Day - the first day of Summer.

Dia an Bhainne agus an ime a beadh í and they had to keep her "in their hands" or die. They believed that the raidhse of the year depended on her. Crowds were seen on their bended knees praying to her their princiipal "intention" being fluírse bainne agus ime dóibh i rith na bliadna a bhí le teacht. Tá iarsma do'n t-sean-shaol le feicsint ann fós Lá Bealtaine acht tá Dana imthighe Buidheacas le Dia agus ta Dia na Glóire in a h-ionad. All the cattle from townlands within a three mile radius were driven in to this spot on the May Eve and left all night and the old people declared they never "fought" as is usual when stange cows meet.