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Shops were not very common in olden times. There was an odd shop in every town-land who kept just a few small articles like matches tobacco blue and fish.
Buying and selling was carried on after Mass. Mrs. Bradford, in our district used to go to town the day before and buy small articles such as tobacco, matches, tea and sugar. She brought in a basket on her back to Mass.
Markets are still held in the town of Castleisland every Thursday.
Hucksters and pedlars visited the district in former times. They used get bottles rags feathers horse's hair. The gave the people in exchange small goods such as laces needles and pins.
The threepenny piece is known as a "kids eye"
The sixpenny piece is known as tanner
The shilling is called a bob
The fourpenny bit, crown half-sovereign and sovereign are gone out of use