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Weather Lore
20th December 1937
There are many beliefs about the weather in this locality, if it rains on St. Swithen's day a bad summer is expected. People say that a new moon on Saturday is enough in seven years, because it brings rain. The wind that brings the most rain is the South West Wind. The north wind brings dry hard weather. At the approach of storm the crows are flying low and they are tame. The donkeys and the horses stand with their back to the ditch and the cows go for shelter. If the sky is red where the sun rises a wet day is expected. When there is a rainbow in the morning there will be a showery week. when there are many stars in the sky there will be frosty weather. When you think that a hill is near you, you may expect rain. When the dust rises off the road the rain is coming. When a big number of swans come to a lake there will be rain. The frogs also turn a black colour. If there is a blue blaze in the fire it is a sign of rain. When the smoke goes up straight out of the chimney, it is expected good