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One time there was a widow and she had one cow. There was a man living beside her and had to build a castle. He took the blood of the cattle around to mix with the mortar. So he killed all the cows and bullocks about the place. Her one little cow was driven to the castle that day and killed. A traveller came to the house and asked for a drink, she gave him some and he asked for more. She told him she had gave him the last drop in the house. He thanked her and left. When he was going out he said, "May He send you milk and butter as long as you live." Next morning when the widow got up she had no little cow. But a strange thing happened, a big piece fell out of the side of the hill. A white cow came out of the hill. She ran quickly and stood by the widows door.. She gave her milk and butter all through her years. When the widow died the cow went in to the hill and was never seen again. But the opening is still to be seen.
Anne Kinsey, Drumaweel
Pat Kinsey Farmer