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began to take the stones building houses and fine building stones they were. They were dug out of the surface of the mountain I suppose hundreds of years ago today. The most of the houses in Lacca + Lisnoc are built out of them. When I saw the Cathair Geal first it was a pleasant sight it being so level and green and in the heart of a wild mountain.
In Lisnoc about 40 years ago there lived a family of the Griffins. I knew the man well. I remember to see him building a new house with some of the stones of the Cathair Geal, a kitchen and one room with a nice double breasted chimney. It was built about 30 yds from his old house so one evening as the masons were cleaning their trowels they spied coming up the mountain side a hare coming straight for the house. He flew over it in a flying leap though it was a good storey high. Of course they were surprised at this so they covered it with bogdeal and thatch and went to live in it. Griffin was a man then of about 40 years of age. He used to be burning lime. A short time after going to live in his new house he used to be out about 4 o'clock in the morning to attend to his Kiln and one morn when the rest of the family got up some one went to see why he was not coming to his breakfast. They found him dead in the back of the Kiln. He had four in family - two sons and two daughters. After a little while the two sons died in much the same mysterious manner. Then one of the daughters got married to a man of the Lyons's from Derry (near Listowel)