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to the cabins, in one door and out the back door. I ran around to see where it would stop and when I was around it was soaring back the bogs towards Knockadereen. The last time it was seen was last January by your brother Jack. (Siobhán's brother - 20 years). We were in bed for about two hours. Our bed is turned towards the front window. He was awakened suddenly by a light shining on his face. He woke me and asked who was coming up the field with the lantern. I said it might be some of the people above as on the hill coming from the road. He got up to the window to see who it was out so late. It came up to the stall and doubled back again - on North thro' the bogs towards Knockadereen. My brother William saw it about 50 years ago (I mean your grandfather) coming the very same route and it disappeared in a gallet under where he was standing. I never came as close to it as I did that night in the Toor Mountain. I do wonder greatly at it sometimes and why it is that it comes the very same route.
Of another time 50 or 55 years ago we used to play cards at Kelly's cottage of Knockadereen. Jack Kelliher that lives there today. Another man named Kelly who lived in the farm at Knockadereen a nephew of the man in the cottage used to be playing with as often until two or three o'clock in the morning. They had a nickname on me "Norrigan". However the man in the farm John Kelly did not live long. He died in the month of October so the following