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2019-05-23 07:29
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One night about 27 years ago I was coming from a fair in Listowel. I was not anyway drunk and as I came along to Toor I saw as I thought a nice red fire a few spades in on Maher's mountain for on I going back in the morning about nine o'clock there were people cutting litter on that very spot. I thought of course that it was so they had left a fire they had for cooking or reddening their pipes lighting after them so I went in. Stooping down to pick up a coal the whole fire rose up into the sky flying along the glen down into the Knockadereen meadows a distance of a mile. Many a time I have seen a light like that. Tadhg Ruadh told me one time a light such as that was a glow-worm but I know it is not. I am sure it is "Jacky-the-Lantern". For years I have known this light to be appearing in the height of the road and coming along the bogs to the front of this house. One night and I coming from rambling I saw it appearing on the road. I stood at the end of the house and it came along to the front on