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2019-05-23 07:19
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four greyhounds overtook me at Parson Bentleys - every two of them tied together with nice bright chains. As they passed me one of them growled at me. I thought they were the biggest hounds I ever saw. Theu were more like boar-hounds. They conveyed me along to the grán (gorrán) bridge sniffing along the roadside sometime passing me out and sometime delaying behind me. When I came to the bridge they disappeared or at least I missed them there. I came on and as I was coming up to Cnocmaol I went in to Corridan's cabin from a shower and it being so late in the night and I being so tired I fell asleep until seven o'clock next morning. Next morning I got up from my bed of hay and went home, fell sick that very evening and was removed to hospital next day, where I remained six months and spent several nights raving about those four terrible hounds with their black covers and girts. I never since went to Kilconlea by night or by day.