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he said he could drink no more that he had already drank two cups of it. He told her that he had only one other job to do that he was coming to his end and that was to get his fiddle ready for the night that the brown women wanted him to go playing for them to a big party. She only laughed at him so he got up himself and got his fiddle ready and put it into a bag for that night and went back to bed again. His people thought he was mad but the hour came that night that he had to go. The brown women got the seat of a donkey's carand took him out of the bed and the four shouldered him to where they wanted him to be that night. They took away to a big field and laid him down under a big tree. They covered him with a white sheet so that he could not see anything. When they left him he made a hole in the sheet with his finger so that he could see them. Instead of a dance there was a path in the field and at each side there was a big field of soldiers and they were fighting and killing each other. When the battle was over they took him and shouldered him back to his bed. He was very bad for three nightsafter that. The third night a big black man came and tipped him on the leg with a stick