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2019-07-20 23:54
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hast given me all that I posess. I surrender it all to The.
Give me only Thy love and grace with these. I will be rich enough and happy with Thee forever Amen.
I offer up three Hail Marys in honour of the great God and the Blessed Virgin to save me this day from all sinful actions, from snares and temptations of the devil from sickness and disorder from shame or scandal, from hurt or harm sudden and unprovided death. I beseech Thee Almighty God. This used to be said after the Rosary and in the morning.
I love Thee, my Lord and my God with my whole heart and for the love of Thee I love my neighbour. Grant that I may love Thee more and more and give me the grace of perseverance that I may live a holy life die a happy death and glorify Thee eternally in Heaven. To be said in the morning.