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kill him. So he told Donagh to go and mill a bag of wheat. Off he went and when he was going in the Devil went to kill him but Donagh onely took him by the horns and threw him out.
When he had it done he brought the flour home to the King. Then the king sent him to a giant with three heads and to take a horse load of the golden slates which covers his palace. He went off and when he came to the palace and he jumped to the slates and began letting them fall into the horse-cart. When the kings giant came out he told him to come down but Donagh said he would not. The giant then took the cart and horse and threw him at him but Donagh threw it down and killed the horse and knocked the giant. Then he came down and put the giant under the cart and made him carry the gold slates to the king.
The king was greatly pleased then but yet he wished to kill