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There was a farmer working with a king. The farmer had only one son. The king also had one son. The two boys were great friends. The king said that the farmers son would have to be sent away. So he gave him a hundred pounds to go across the sea to earn his living. After some years the boy came back. When he came home his father had a feast for him and the king and his son were invited to it. When the were a while talking the king asked the boy what trade he had learned since he went away. He said he had learned to be a thief. Alright said the king I will give you a trial for your life to morrow. The king said he would have four horses ploughing in a field and he said there would be two men at there heads with rifles and two more walking behing the horses and one on each side. If the thief was able to take the best horse out of the field and bring him to his fathers door he would give him 350 pounds. Alright said the thief. When the dinner was