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Leith-Lán- Full of heat when the sun shone on that field it was warm.
Graves-hill, it is said there were graves on the top of the hill.
Ross's park, It is said there is a fort ther elike Ross-na-rí,
Cluain-na gearch, The field of the hens.
Cruich - lán, There is a little river there, and a number of people used to go fishing there every Sunday.
Poll talmhán, A hole sunk very deep in the ground
Ardoulthach, There were people living who were called Ulthacs
Carr bhaile, A village in the shape of a hook.
Sliabh -an- óir, Mountain of gold. When the corn was ripe on the mountain. It was the colour of gold
Lis-a-Loma. The lare fort. There was a fort there and there were no bushes, or anything else, growing there.
Sgéach Chur Bushes or hedges growing there,
Bóthar Buidhe, There is a road there, and it has a shade of yellow colour.