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garbhan and called "bragers" on others parts of Donegal coast. They are usually caught during the months of July and August.
Glassan This is the fish "glasan" the young of the coal fish
Tarrach" or as it called in Inishowen 'Duirseach'
When cooking fish about 30 years ago a glasan was sometimes cooked in the following manner. The inside or guts were taken out taking care to keep the 'melt' intact. The melt was then put inside ansd the fish closed up. It was then put on coals or on an iron on the coals and rasted. This was called a "glasan tarrach"
tarrach = big bellied.
Partan this is the word always heard for a small crab.
Iris The rope hanger of a creel,. Plural iriseacha. I have not heard the plural used.
Bórach This is how I heard this word pronounced here. It is the same as bhuarach = a spancel
cartan This word is still used here. it is a parasite found on sheep.
ceapaire The mutilated form I heard was "capper" the same word as ceapaire meaning bread with butter on it. When a cow was taken to the male for the purpose of copulation the usual question put was Did you earn