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clab depended on to keep a secret - one who talks too freely
ceilidhe I was out on my ceilidhe = I was out visiting.
Lá fheil Miuire This is the term generally used for Assumption Day
Fadar They say when speaking of football. He is a good "fadarer" meaning that he is 'good in attack
The "er" at the end of the word is English.
báirneach barnacle- The English word is never used always báirneach
Braichlin a large shell fish about eh size of the palm of the hand. I think the names comes from braid in a sheep because the edibale part inside the shull is thin and comparatevily large - somewhat like a sheep. This meaning is not given in [?]
Piotach = a small fish - the young of the fish known in Inishowen as Dirseach
Dirseach Known in Standard English as The Coal fish.
Gibneach The horned sand eel.
"Seolog" This is the fish known on the other parts of the coast as magac = pollock.
"crainearach" This is the fish known in other parts of Donegal as "buyin" and in Irish ballan. It frequents places where there is a muddy or dirty bottom and is always caught with bait.
garbhan "Garviu". This is the fish known as becam [?]