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Ramais = talk without seuse.
Samhains - food made from oaten meal seeds at November.
Stocach. A term for a lump of a boy.
Gasúr, also used for a boy.
Stocaire used here for one sponging or kind of begging.
Streall. we say make me a steall of tea
Gámaidhe. applied to stupid fellow.
Splinnc is used for a high sharp rock sticking out.
speach a back kick, we say horse hit me a speach
spang, a fit
Spailpín sound spuilpín a bad young boy
spág for foot generally in derision also spágach
smiog we say for a person who got weak There wasn't a smiog on him
Smailc for a mouthful. We also say what are you smalling
slog for swalling. slog that into you we say,
Smut for a person having big mouth especially mouth [?]
smur for light ram.
Sodóg for a stout lazy fellow.
Scudal, we call a girl doing hard about a house a scudal
maol for cow without horns.
Magnt [?] we say magnt or space nanturally between two front teeth is sign of beauty also lucky sign.
mútar - the miller's share.
Brígh. We use brígh very often everything that is boiled and part of it soluble in water we call it brígh.
Bolgam we use this in connection with tea
deor. we say you'll not get a deor.