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maróg - we say a fat person has a maróg on him.
Gob. a fellow with protruding mouth
crag. big hand.7spldach flat footed & feet inclined outwards.
Food. Cruitín potatoes bruises after boiling for dinner.
Crachan. porridge, ceapaire . tuirrín - soft cake of bread
Mealdar amount of meal brought from mill at once by farmer
duirlean a big lump of round stone also applied to stout [?]
pabióg - a terrible blow with fish
Glam - to catch with hand a girl says - boy made a glam for her.
7) Connected with house, Rigín, puirlean bhatal scrath. scolbh
8 Tubaiste applied in loss of cattle
Aimseach applied when child meets accident a child having to many aimseach is said to have bad luck in life
Aircín the smallest pig in litter. also applied to small man. Gaimirtín. a stupid big fellow.
pachaill a kind of unhandy stout lump of a fellow. Also a lump of clothes on a person's body as what pachaill is that you have under your goic, a kind of fellow who mocks or makes little of others a sarcastic fellow.
Glugaidhe a kind of stupid fellow.
Glug a kind of hollow [?] in cow also noise made by water in boots.