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The wild birds that are most common about this district are-, the robin, the blackbird, the raven, the crow, the sea-gull, the pea-wit, the crane, the wren, the sparrow, the pigeon, the lark, the swallow, the moorhen, the magpie, the thrush, the jack-daw, the cuckoo, and the corn-crake.
All the birds that migrate from this country to a warmer climate are-, the swallow and the cuckoo. They come in the beginning of Summer, and go away when Winter is approaching.
The robin builds her nest in a ditch she makes it out of clay and moisture; she also lays four brown eggs.
The swallow builds her nest in a barn, or in the eaves of houses. It is always so high that we cannot see what kind of eggs she lays.
The cuckoo lays an egg in some other birds nest, and that bird hatches it for the cuckoo.
If boys rob birds nests it is said that they shall be left without a house when they are in