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2019-05-23 19:20
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Some people still believe in fairies, nearly always referred to as the "wee folk." They believe that the fairies come out at night usually under thorn bushes. Many people wouldn't dream of cutting down a lone thorn bush. They believe that bad luck is sure to follow the cutting down of one of these bushes.
I knew a man who had a large thorn hedge between two of his fields. The hedge had grown very tall and was injuring the crop in the fields.
I advised him to cut it down but he resolutely refused to do so. I asked him why and he said there might be a "gentle" bush among the hedge and to cut it down would bring him all sorts of bad luck.
The 'Banshee' is still believed in by some families. I have heard people say, when a death has taken place in the district, that they weren't