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because they have a pony. Some people welcome beggars to their houses and some people do not. When the beggars come to our house, they do not stay very long, but they for a pair of old shoes or a cap or something that they need. When a person gives them something they say little sayings like:- "God bless you, and may you never want". And they sometimes say:- God bless you, and your family". They are usually angry when people don't give them anything. Beggars don't carry their own food with them, but they beg at people's doors for food. Beggars have no homes of their own, but they sleep outside in a field or somewhere else at night, and they travel all over the country. Sometimes different tribes of beggars go around together and they fight. Sometimes beggars stay a long while in people's houses and tell stories. There are three beggars dead that I often heard tell of, their names are Mary King and Rosy and Nancy May Harley, Trenta, Lifford, Co. Donegal.