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If you come across a frog casually and wish to cure your toothache, catch him and put him in your mouth. Hold him by the two hind legs and draw him up and down alive on the aching tooth. Let him go without any injury and he will have your toothache.
Bread made by a woman whose maiden name was the same as her married name will cure chin cough.
An old woman named Hand of Baldugan near Ballyboughal village who died about fifteen years ago made an ointment that cured the black ear. She made it from herbs which she gathered in the fields.
A woman named Sallie Farrel of Drishogue, Ballyboughal who died only recently used to cure ringworm and wildfire. You had to bring her cream and she would get burned straw and put it in the cream. She then shut herself up in a room and prayed over the cream. You had to rub the cream on twice a day and not wet or wash the parts affected.