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A lot of apples are put in a basin of water, and a three penny bit is put in the bottom of the basin.
Each player tries to take the coin from the bottom of the vessel with their teeth. Whoever takes it up gets it, and all the apples too.
A lot of nuts are gathered before Halloween, and the poisonous ones are separated from the eatable ones.
Children delight in burning nuts, and they love to hear them cracking.
They roast the lady-nuts or bread nuts, and they eat them.
The other nuts which are eaten are walnuts, monkey nuts, and Brazil nuts.
Another form of Snap Apple is played by getting two pieces of wood, and putting it in the shape of a cross.
Then a candle is tied on two ends of it, and an apple on the other end.
The cross is swung around, and each child tries to snap the apple with her mouth.
Sometimes she takes a lighting