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creamery it is bought around here, Sixpence worth would make about twenty two snares. The wire, when bought, is rolled up in coils. Then I take out the wire. About four and a half yards of wire is sufficient to make one snare. This I divide into six parts. Then each part is about one and a half feet long. I twist the wire by the aid of an S-hook which I stick in at the end of the wires. When the wire is twisted I take out the hook. Where the hook was there was a loop. I stick the other end of the wire in through the loop at the other end. Then I get a piece of twine. This is about one foot long. I double it in two. This I tie at the end of the wire. I do it by by making a kind of loop around the cord. Then it is tied to the wire very securely. Now, that done, I go out to the grove and cut some stakes. These are generally about seven inches long. On the top of this there is always a piece of wood at the top of the stakes. Then I bring them home. I put the cord on the stake. The piece of wood that