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2019-07-18 23:30
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It is by no means an easy job to make a crib. First of all four-inch sticks are nailed together in the shape of a square.Then it is necessary to cut some elder sticks. They are placed on the timber frame with the larger underneath. As the sticks ascend the crib becomes gradually narrower until finally it is almost at a point. On the top a few narrow, light sticks are placed straight across. Then strong cord to the bottom laths are tied and brought across the crib to tighten it securely. A narrow stick is then doubled and put into the crib and small sticks are left on top of the doubled stick which is known as the bow. That done, a gabhlóg is procured. With the aid of a short stick which rests on the bow the gabhlóg can keep up the crib and immediately the bird steps on the bow it is captured.
A small bit of bread or meal is spread under the bow and when