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milk. When that is done let the dog lap up the milk. When the dog finds out that the piece of a timber is there he will remove it quite easily.
If you had a very sore throat the best remedy is to drink the soup of a chicken as hot as you could bear it.
When you would cut your finger with a rusty knife you could cure it by burning the knife.
If you had a pain in your back lie down and let another man walk on it.
If there would be a wart on your hand, spit on it every morning before your breakfast and you will cure it.
If a person had a pain in their stomach. drink hot water every morning and they would not get the pain any other time.
By putting moss on a cut finger the blood would stop.
If a pain came into your stomach and if you would spit under a stone the pain would go.
If a person didn't eat any meat on St. Stephen's Day he wouldn't be sick