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2020-12-15 21:08
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In former times there was more seen and heard about fairies than there is nowadays.
I heard of a little boy once, who was with his mother in the bog. She sent him home to dig potatoes. On her way home form the bog she was to take the potatoes with her. When she arrived at the field there wasn't a stalk dug.
She went home then, and the boy wasn't at home. Then she told her neighbours what happened, and they all went out in search of him, and did not find him. Very late at night he came. His mother asked him where he was, and who he was with. He would not tell her anything only I was with "them".
She went out then, and she looked round. She was two women dressed in black going away from a bush, that was near by. Next morning his mother went to field to dig potatoes and she found a ridge dug. The boy did