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Ghost story
About twenty years ago there lived in Castlebar a man named Cresham. The man had a horse a cart, and one day as he was going along the road a little boy came over and got up on it. Mr Cresham was very angry, and he gave a blow of the whip to the little boy, who fell out on the road and was injured on the head.
Immediately his mother came out, and said to the man "I swear by my oath I will haunt you dead or alive for injuring my only son" Afterwards the little boy died, and his mother did not live long after, and she fulfilled her promise. She came back and haunted Mr Creshma by day and by night. Turf, stones and everything was flung at him, everywhere he went. He often was severely cut, and had trips to hospital. Once he was badly injured, and he had to stay in the hospital for a few weeks. When he came out it was as bad as ever again. One day she appeared to him, and told him that if he went to the grave the next night she would not haunt him any more. He went to the priest and